Friday, February 23, 2018

Hopeful Sun by Kersten Christianson

Hopeful Sun
#MakeSun #MixedMedia  #Ephemera  #Rubbermoon #Spirit


  • Jane Cather’s Lady’s House Stamp, JC453D
  • Jessica Sporn’s Hot Star Stamp, JS5441I
  • 5 “Spirit” Sticks found on outdoor walkabouts
  • Beads and ephemera 
  • Larger washers to serve as ephemera base
  • White Gesso
  • Polymer Clay
  • Acrylic paints:  Red, Yellow, Copper, Blue
  • Glitter Spray 

Winter has kicked my butt this year.  So many blues.  Living in a rainforest with 132 inches of annual precipitation doesn’t help, so I plan and play my days accordingly.  When the forecast calls for sun, I clear my desk the night before and plan to spend a fair chunk of the next day outdoors.  When the forecast calls for anything but sun, I make my own, and in this case, it rises in the form of a funky mixed media sun.

When I started this project, I worked out the clay and chose a couple of different stamps for different impressions.  The first I tried was Jessica Sporn’s Hot Star stamp.  I thought this would be the perfect sun center and in many a way, it is.  However, once I assembled the sun and added the ephemera, Sporn’s image proved just a little larger than what I had anticipated.  Large enough to overshadow the trickle of beads and ephemera.  

The backup image I stamped into the clay was Jane Cather’s Lady’s House stamp.  This winter, I thought a lot about what I would pack in my runaway bag, given the chance to do just that.  With each day that passes, running away becomes a less viable option, but it inspired the idea of Lady’s House becoming the center of this sun piece.  Her whimsy and flair set the tone for perfect placement.

Both images were painted for possible use. I covered the images in white Gesso and painted each accordingly. Now I have the Sporn design to work into another upcoming piece.

In past summers, my family and I would stop at Kluane Lake, a beautiful lake in the Yukon.  We’d spend days camping along its cerulean shore and beachcomb for what I lovingly named “Spirit Sticks.”  My husband would groan at the name, but he’d always stop and help my daughter and I gather.  We’d fill bags of the wave-worn wood to work into winter art projects back at home.  For this sun, I joined five sticks at their ends, attached them using E6000 glue and twine.  I let them sit until good and firm.   From there, I attached a washer between each “ray.”  I used E6000 for the washers and later the spill of beads that cover the washers.  

It has been a slow and meticulous project, really.  Gathering the ephemera for the washers.  Taking a step forward and allowing the piece to settle and dry before moving on.  This is a process my heart knows all too well.

Tomorrow the sun is expected to shine.  Once again, I work diligently to add the finishing pieces to the sun.  The last piece to add is Lady’s House.  I look forward to finding a fine sun-splashed tree branch tomorrow from which to hang my hopeful sun.


Kersten Christianson

Friday, February 16, 2018

Shari Acuff's Recipe for Success!

Recipe for Success

Stamps used: 
Gratitude – MoonMail Exclusive Dec 2015
  (There are lots of other greeting options if you are not a MoonMail Member)

Other supplies:  
Black, Squash, Pink A2 Note Carss
Patterned Papers
Washi Tapes
White Cardstock
Memento Tuxedo Black Ink
Copic Markers
Double Stick Tape
Foam Tape
I collected card making magazines for years and I loved the issues that would show a sketch of a card and then several cards using that sketch for inspiration – they called it a “Card Recipe”.  I thought of that when I was trying to decide on the card(s) to make since I had three new stamps I wanted to play with.

I sketched out a design by first tracing around an A2 card – 4.25” x 5.5”.  I had recently purchased a new 6”x6” paper pad so decided for this recipe to add a layer of patterned paper to the bottom part of the card.  (I’m getting a little better at not buying all the ones I like – just one this time!)  And I have quite a collection of washi tape so I thought adding a stripe to the top edge of the patterned paper would be a fun way to use some.

I stamped out the images on white paper and colored with Copic markers, trimmed them leaving a tiny white border.  Then stamped the greetings on a couple of the patterned papers and cut them out.  I stamped out a bunch not knowing which ones I wanted to use for sure.

To assemble the cards I used my recipe as a guide and added double stick tape to the card and laid the patterned paper down using the line on the recipe as a guide.  Added the washi tape and trimmed the excess from the backside.  To add a little extra texture under the greeting, I added a piece of a bag of avocados.  I almost threw the bag away and realized it might be fun to use on cards.  I then put foam tape on the back of the stamped images so they popped up a little off the card.  And added the greeting on top of the mesh.

Hope you are inspired to create some Card Recipes.

Happy Stamping!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Doodle Bird Art Tags with Belen Sotelo

Hi friends. I recently had the opportunity to spend some time playing with Jessica Sporn's new Doodle Birds stamp set and I absolutely love them all. I can already tell that I will use these stamps time and time again in my art journaling and tag making.

Since I was having so much fun playing with them I decided to make a couple art tags to send out to friends!

I started by brayering acrylic paint onto my craft tags then using a baby wipe and various RubberMoon stencils to wipe away color and create oodles of texture.

As I often like to do, a rubbed on some gesso, with my fingers, to help unify the colors and texture.

Next I used watercolor to add some marks and create another layer of color.

I set my tags aside to dry and stamped out the bird images onto lightweight card stock, using waterproof ink.

After cutting them out, I adhered them to my tags with gel medium.

Next, I added a light coat of clear gesso over the stamped images.

I gave my feathered friends some color with various gel pens & markers.

Next I used the cute flowers that come in the set and stamped the designs directly onto my tags.

I added a bit of pen work and scribbles.

To finish off my tags, I stamped onto some of my hand dyed ribbon and cut it to size and called them done. They were ready to be tucked into an envelope and send them on their way to brighten someone's day!

Wishing you a week full of art and full of whimsy.
xo, Belen

Friday, February 2, 2018

Gelli Printed, Collaged, & Stamped Cards with Martice Smith II

Gelli Printed, Stamped and Collaged Holiday Cards

By Martice Smith I

Hi everyone! Martice Smith here! I’m so happy to meet you back here in the Artmosphere!

Today, I’m showing you how to create a set of super fun, colorful and whimsical holiday cards. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do like the traditional red and green seasonal colors but whenever there’s an opportunity for me to create something during this time, I celebrate with allll the colors of the rainbow! Yayy!

Another bonus? There’s no precision cutting required, this project is kid-friendly, and it’s a fun way to use up stacks of Gelli prints.

Feel more confident as you make your very own set of gelli printed, stamped and collaged holiday cards!

RubberMoon Stamps:

Supplies + Tools used:
  • White cardstock, cut to desired size
  • Stack of gelli prints
  • Neon fluorescent acrylic paint in an applicator bottle (I’m using Sizzling Pink by DecoArt Americana Acrylic)
  • Adhesive / Matte Medium
  • Foam dots (to add dimension)
  • Small paintbrush
  • Permanent Ink pads (black and gold)
  • Scissors
::Project steps::

STEP 1 // Cut out triangles, circles and rectangles
(You could also stamp your gelli prints before you cut out your shapes.)
The triangles will represent trees and the rectangles will represent tree trunks.
I like to be a little “extra” sometimes and add my own twist to things! I cut the circles into spirals (yep, same as you may have done in kindergarten), just to give them a little oomph!

STEP 2// Stamp the shapes
You can go as wild as you want with this step! I chose a few stamps that had intricate designs (like Mandala), a couple of playful stamps with scribbly handwriting and some that resembled texture (like Miraculous, XOXO, Evening Stardust.)

STEP 3// Arrange the shapes
Simply lay out your shapes on the card. (I highly recommend doing this before adding any glue, just to keep things looking fresh and neat.)

TIP: Think about composition: if you’re working on a small a card, maybe two trees would feel more balanced than if you were to add four trees. No cramped compositions!

There is no wrong way of doing this - just have fun, make bold color moves and enjoy the process of experimenting!

STEP 4// Add adhesives and attach to card
To attach the pieces of paper to the card, I used double-sided sticky tape.

Foam dots were used to create dimension. These little things are so much fun to play with! You can stack several layers of paper to create dimension. So clever, right?!

STEP 5// Decorate with neon paint
You don’t have to be precise when you decorate your cards but I wanted to give my cards a bit of visual interest by incorporating pops of neon paint.

As you can see, these aren’t your typical holiday cards! Write your message on the inside and you’re done!


Friday, January 26, 2018

Shari Acuff's Cute Thank-You Card Idea

Happy 2018!  Shari here again with a thank you card idea.

I’m leaning toward simple colorful cards lately, especially liking rainbow color schemes.  Maybe it’s all the gray rainy weather in the northwest, probably is!  (I’m ready for Spring.)

I didn’t need many supplies to make this one and I really like how it turned out.

White Cardstock 7”x7” – folded to a 3.5” x 7” card
Rubbermoon Stamp – JS7073K Flock Together
Primsacolor Pencils
Cardstock – pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple
Savvy Stamps – Many Thanks Die
Ranger Multi Medium Matte (strong liquid adhesive)

Using the Many Thanks die for placement reference, I first stamped the Flock with Planetary Purple (just the purple side of the pad) onto the white card.  Then cut out Many Thanks, 2 each of 7 colors.  Once all the dies were cut out and cleaned up I glued them all together starting at the bottom of the rainbow and working up – 2 purples, 3 blues, 2 greens and so on with pink being at the top.

The stack ends up being almost a ¼ of an inch tall.  It could be mailed in a bubble mailer or I could do just one layer of each color for a flatter stack that could make it through the mail in a regular envelope.  But I love the dimension and rainbow effect that comes from the tall stack!

Now that the ink was good and dry and the Many Thanks stack was glued together and drying, I colored in the birdies.  I started at the top and used pink and red on the smallest bird.  Then orange and yellow on the next one down.  Green and blue on the third one, then purples on the biggest guy at the bottom.  And used orange on all the beaks and legs.  Lastly, I glued on the thanks stack at the bottom so it would sorta look like the birds were standing on it.

I considered stamping more images on the background but I really like the colorful birds on the clean white card.  

Happy Stamping!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Three Art Tags by Kersten Christianson

Check out this great video showing three creative art tags made by Kersten Christianson. 

Click HERE to watch the video! 

Friday, January 12, 2018

The Alicorn with Sandee Setliff

Be an Alicorn!

An Alicorn is a winged unicorn with both the horn of a unicorn and the wings of a Pegasus. Or you could just call it a winged Unicorn but I kinda like Alicorn.

I know I would love to own every single stamp image that I could possibly have but sometimes you need to improvise and that's what I'm doing today by combining a couple of stamps to create my Alicorn mixed media canvas. I hope you enjoy the video!

products used:

Rubbermoon stamps:
MoonMail Exclusive | May 2014 | Whimsy Wings  (set of 2) 

Tim Holtz distress paints
circle stencil
pens: PITT pens, Tombow, white pen, Micron
varnish spray
foam core board
Stazon ink

Thanks for stopping by! 

Take care and craft on my friends!
- Sandee