Friday, January 12, 2018

The Alicorn with Sandee Setliff

Be an Alicorn!

An Alicorn is a winged unicorn with both the horn of a unicorn and the wings of a Pegasus. Or you could just call it a winged Unicorn but I kinda like Alicorn.

I know I would love to own every single stamp image that I could possibly have but sometimes you need to improvise and that's what I'm doing today by combining a couple of stamps to create my Alicorn mixed media canvas. I hope you enjoy the video!

products used:

Rubbermoon stamps:
MoonMail Exclusive | May 2014 | Whimsy Wings  (set of 2) 

Tim Holtz distress paints
circle stencil
pens: PITT pens, Tombow, white pen, Micron
varnish spray
foam core board
Stazon ink

Thanks for stopping by! 

Take care and craft on my friends!
- Sandee

Friday, January 5, 2018

Art Journaling with Belen Sotelo

Hi friends! Belen Sotelo here. Today we’re going to do a bit of art journaling using some fun RubberMoon stamps, inks & stencils.

Stamps Used

Stencils Used

Ink Pads Used
Moonlight Duo Tint & Hue Ink Pads in Planetary Purple & Milky Way Magenta

Other Supplies Used

Thank you for following along. I hope I’ve inspired you to grab your paints & stamps and join me for a bit of art journaling fun. 
Wishing you a week full of art and full of whimsy!

xo, Belen

Friday, December 29, 2017

Washi Tape Wonders: Creating with stamps and Fluid Acrylics with Martice Smith II

Hi everyone! Martice Smith here! Welcome back to another project in the Artmosphere!

Today, I’m showing you how to create your own washi tape using stamps and fluid acrylics.


RubberMoon Stamps:
Supplies + Tools used:
  • Masking tape
  • Clear stamping mount
  • Small paintbrush
  • DecoArt Media Fluid acrylics + container of water
  • Permanent ink pad (black)
  • Craft mat
  • Optional: Plastic gift card (to wrap tape around it) I like to keep my tape flat
  • Optional:Matte medium (or DecoArt SoftTouch varnish)
  • Optional:Sea salt (for granulation effect)

::Project steps::

STEP 1 // Tear off strips of masking tape
Place each strip on a clean surface or on a craft mat.

TIP! Lay the strips close to each other if you want to stamp two strips at once.

STEP 2// Stamp the strips of tape
I like to use a clear stamping mount so I can see exactly where I’m stamping the image.
Be sure to use a permanent ink pad so that your stamped images doesn’t smear.

Have fun! Encourage your inner designer to create themed designs. For example, if you want to use your washi for packaging, you could use the Mail Art stamp. Or, use RubberMoon’s cute flower stamps for a soft, feminine vibe.

STEP 3// Paint the tape with fluid acrylics
After you’ve stamped your tape, let them completely dry.

I allow the tape to air dry for at least 30 minutes before moving on with the paint. (Using a heat gun or hair dryer will melt the adhesive on the back side of the tape and will create a bond with the craft mat. This makes the tape less sticky and it will want to peel off.)

STEP 4// Optional: Add sea salt for a cool effect!
Before the acrylic dries, dash a bit of salt right on top of your washi tape. Check out that “star-like” texture!

Optional: Seal the tape with varnish
If you want your tape to have a soft, velvety finish, I’d recommend DecoArt’s Dura Clear Satin Varnish.
For a matte or glossy finish, I found it easier (and quicker!) to use a spray varnish.  

Remember to allow the tape to dry before using them in your projects.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Sandee Setliff: Adding Magic

Hi everyone! Sandee here to share some of my art journaling magic.
Ok...there's no magic but...

But seriously, a few techniques can make you feel like you have magic powers!

Techniques used:

Using a crayon to create a wax resist. First draw your design with a white crayon making sure to press firmly onto the paper. Next apply your color wash. The paint will resist the areas covered with crayon. 

Crinkle a piece of tissue paper and place it on top of the wet paint. Position the tissue over the wash and gently press down onto the paper.  Allow to dry slightly (but not completely or the tissue could become glued to the watercolor paper) then carefully lift the tissue from the paper. 

Salt is fabulous for creating textured backgrounds. While the paint is still wet,sprinkle the salt over the top. Let the paint dry completely and then use your finger or paper towel to flake away the salt. 

Deconstructing your stamps to create a completely new image or alter it just a little bit. Mask off unwanted parts, ink your stamp and make sure to remove the mask before stamping and let your imagination soar.

Splattering makes quite a mess but it's really fun! Cover any areas of your paper that you don’t want to be splattered. Load your brush with paint then hold it over the top of your paper. Tap your brush and watch the paint splatter onto your paper...and your desk, camera, hands...etc. lol 


RubberMoon Stamps: 
Ralph, The Prince of Frogs (DB2253I)  
Whimsy Wings (MoonMail Club Exclusive)

Strathmore journal
ColourArte Shimmering H2O's
assorted brushes
Stazon ink

Thanks for stopping by! 

Take care and craft on my friends!
- Sandee

Friday, December 15, 2017

Kersten Christianson Makes a Tarot Card Box

Moon Stenciled Tarot Card Box
#DrawaCard #Rubbermoon #Spirit


  • Catch a Dream Stencil
  • True Free Spirit Stamp, ML204G
  • Mini Moon Stencil ATC Size
  • MoonBeams Stencil
  • Night & Day Stencil
  • Super Star Stencil
  • Black Gesso Paint for Base
  • Acrylic paints:  Teals, Aqua, Magenta, Gold, Silver, White, Blues
  • Glitter Spray Paint

Over the years, I’ve accumulate more than a few sets of Tarot, either by intuit friends, or my own interest.  Many of the sets I have include strong moon imagery, but see very little daylight all packaged up in their individual boxes.  I’ve been eyeing a plain wooden box for some time now, decided to “moon it up,” and create an easier draw from a variety of sets.  Here is the finished box in the setting sun.

Here is the box covered inside and out with Black Gesso.  And here is the gathering of mostly moon-inspired stencils.  Ready to paint!

Working from one side to the next, I sponged acrylics through the stencils onto the box.  Luckily, the acrylics dry quickly.  Luckily, I long ago abandoned the need to keep my stencils in pristine condition.  In fact, I quite like the accumulated paints that gather in crusted layers.  It shows good use of art supplies and creative use of time.  One the images were stenciled, I sponged around the edges for a funky Milky Way effect.  Once finished, I spray painted and sealed with Glitter Seal.

On thing about crafting in Alaska in the winter is waiting for daylight to snap a bright photo or two.  Here, the cards are loaded, the wait begins.

And the following afternoon…SUN to highlight some MOON art.  Here my tarot card box sits on the front porch atop a layer of Yantra Wisdom Cards, also catching bright sun.

Another day, another project.  Start gathering your stencils!


Kersten Christianson

Friday, December 8, 2017

Handmade Card Gifts with Shari Acuff

Hello there everyone, Shari here again. Hope everyone's holiday season is off to a good start.

This year I got an early start on my Christmas shopping! I was almost done but couldn’t figure out what to get a couple people on my list. I decided to give them a box of handmade cards, hoping they might like to have a stash of cards to give out all year long.

Using a stamping tool to help with mass production, I made 8 cards (2 each of 4 designs) and decorated the envelopes. Then made an envelope box using the 1-2-3 Punch Board. Wrapped it up with a ribbon and added a stamped tag.

White cardstock
8 Chipboard cards
8 white envelopes
4 - 3mm googly eyes
2 action wobbles
12x12 patterned paper or pre-made gift box
Tag and ribbon

Misc pens and markers-
Signo Uniball white pen
Gellyroll moonlight neon pens
Marvy ColorIn Markers
Zig Millennium black 01 pen
Zig Wink of Stella Clear
Copic Markers


I stamped the chipboard cards, white cardstock and envelopes with the Whimsy Doodle Border. I then stamped out the other images onto the white cardstock inside of the doodle borders, 2 of each design. Once all the stamping was done and the was ink dry, I colored the outer circles on the chipboard cards and colored in the images on the white paper. Then cut out the images from the white cardstock at the edge of the outer border line. Glued them onto the chipboard cards with the coordinating dot colors. I also colored the envelopes to match with the cards.

I put them each in plastic sleeves, not necessary but they look fancier that way! And they’ll stay clean and fresh until used. Loaded them up into a box, added ribbon and a tag.

Thanks for looking, hope this will help inspire you to make handmade gifts.
Happy Stamping!

(P.s. The cat really liked the ribbon I used.)

Friday, December 1, 2017

Tri-Fold Desktop Calendar with Belen Sotelo

Hi friends! Belen Sotelo here with my very first blog post for RubberMoon. I’m excited to be here and share my creative process with you.

One of the things I really enjoy is sending out happy mail. It makes me feel good to think that it might bring a spot of sunshine to someone’s day, so I’m always on the lookout for projects that can fit into an envelope.

Today I’m going to share with you a fun and easy way to make a desktop calendar using shipping tags and a few other supplies.

Supplies I Used:
Shipping Tags
Acrylic Paint
Double Sided Tape
Fabric Scraps for Ribbon
Masking  or Media Tape

I started by taping three shipping tags together. It doesn’t matter which side you tape, we’re going to get painty on both sides so repeat the steps front and back.

I made sure to leave a sliver of space between each tag because I wanted them to fold easily.

Next, I gave my tag panel a coat of gesso.

I brushed on acrylic paint, but you should feel free to use other mediums if you’d like. 

At this point, I added a bit of gesso, randomly over my tags, to unify everything a bit. I also like the variation of having some areas brighter and others a bit more muted from the gesso.

Using a makeup sponge, I pushed some black acrylic paint through the Catch a Dream Stencil.

Using the Mini Moon Stencil, I added more black acrylic through the dots. Then, to give my tags even more texture, I used the Delicate Lace Stencil.

I added some dots using a portion of the Big Hearted Stencil.

Once that was all dry, I used double sided tape to adhere my mini calendar to one of the tags.

I used my white Sharpie Paint Pen to add some marks.

Next, I stamped out a sentiment and adhered that to one of the tag panels.

Just a few more marks!

I finished off my tri-fold tag calendar by added some fabric scraps for use as ribbon.

All that’s left to do now is to tuck it into an envelope and send it on its way to brighten someone’s mailbox!

Thank you for following along. I hope I’ve inspired you to get out your RubberMoon stencils and send someone an extra reason to smile!